Thursday, 10 September 2009

Flash ROM Samsung I7500 Galaxy for dummies

Disclaimer: Note there are probable risk in flashing ROM. I didn't have any problems but don't say I din't warn you!

Here is a quick tutorial for those who can't use Samsung New PC studio for flashing their phone.

I't is quite simple actually. First you need to download new firmware. I downloaded version I7500XXIH8 from this link. Hope nobody removes this file from the server.

Then you need to download flash program called Odin Multi Down loader. My is version 3.95. If you can't find this file write to me!

Before connecting device in the computer you must start it in download mode.
To do this: when phone is powered off press VOLUME DOWN key + OK + power on

I used Windows XP under Windows 7 to flash my device. There was no problem with drivers. My OS recognized device as some gadget serial and installed modem drivers .

Now connect device to computer and wait for drivers to install. Picture bellow shoves you if everything is OK.

Click on the picture to make it bigger!

Now you must choose One Packege, find and select Orion.ops (Is part of Odin archive) and final find and select the firmware you wan't to update to. The file you got from link above must be extracted once. Extracted file is called: I7500XXIH8-PDA-CL53973-REV5(VIA).tar

That's IT. Now just press start and wait 5 min!

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  1. Hello,
    I had a problem with "Gadget serial" drivers for Odin. On two different XP machines, when I plugged the phone in in "download" mode, XP was unable to install the hardware.

    I found out that the files I need are gserial.inf and usbser.sys, but I even after I downloaded them or took different versions out of XP Pro's DRIVERS.CAB, I had no luck.

    The solution I eventually found by accident, after I gave up and downloaded Samsungs "PC Studio" to try and do an update that way.

    When you go through the process of updating the i7500's firmware with PC Studio, it installs the Gadget Serial driver. Don't abort the firmware update at this point, however! All this means is that later on, for your next update, you can now use Odin as per the instructions in this blog entry.

    See this URL as well:

  2. I got an email from Shay about another issue. I couldn't help her but maybye somebody can.


    hey Dejan,
    i read your post Flash ROM Samsung I7500 Galaxy for dummies, and i'm in need of help...

    i got this problem that whenever i try using odin i get the following log and error:
    <1> Added!
    <1> Detected!
    <1> odin mode .. check verification platform.
    <1> START!
    <1> odin mode .. do file mapping ..
    <1> check download environment.
    <1> e - big partition size!!
    <1> Delete Comm3engine

    i tried it using H2, H7 and H8 files and nothing works.
    after reading the log i think that by "download environment" it's referring to the phone.
    i tried doing a hard reset and formatted my internal SD - didn't help.

    do you have any idea why is this happening?



  3. Zdravo Dejane,

    odlično ti je ovo što si postavio, ali imam problem - Odin neće da učita "one package" file (I7500XXIH8-PDA-CL53973-REV5(VIA).tar). Sa ops fileom nisam imao problema, ovaj drugi nikako nije mogao da se učita.

    Da li možda znaš šta bi mogao da bude problem i kako da ga rešim.

    PS Vidim da si postavio i uputstvo za rootovanje Samsung Galaxy, ali je ta stranica nedostupna. Pa ako možeš okači to ponovo na Net.

    Puno pozdrava. Rade. Beograd.

  4. It worked like a charm.

    I'm linking your post into my blog.


  5. Thanks! Very useful.

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  7. after set new firmware my phone shutdown proces and signal didnt work pleas help

  8. PERFECT!!!!!! thank you so much!

  9. Hello! Thank you for the tutorial.
    I followed the link to share4gsm and there it says if we dont select CSC we will have a phone without provider brand. Does that means the phone will be network free? It would be very useful.
    Thank you

  10. if you are in the Canadian market, or your Samsung Galaxy is a 7500L, there are some risks you should be aware of.
    I haven't tried it yet, just doing my homework.

  11. Just doing it now lets hope it works.

  12. i need drivers for gadget serial (win 7 ult.)

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